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Michael Hans Joins Bloomberg Markets: The Open to Discuss The European Central Bank's Latest Rate Decision

Our CIO, Michael Hans, joins discussions about the European Central Bank's latest stimulus plan of [...]

You Can Change Your Domicile To Avoid State Taxes — But Is It Really Worth Doing So?

The potential savings in state taxes achieved by changing one's domicile is quantifiable and generally [...]

"People Are Just Looking For Stability"

Wall Street Journal features Michael Hans, Chief Investment Officer of Clarfeld Citizens Private Wealth, to [...]

Michael Hans Joins Bloomberg Markets: "The Open" to Discuss Market Moving News

Clarfeld/Citizens Private Wealth CIO, Michael Hans, shares his views on trade and global economic outlook [...]

Wall Street Surges After Upbeat Economic Data

In a recent New York Times feature, Michael Hans, Chief Investment Officer of Clarfeld Citizens [...]

When Leaving a Charitable Legacy: Private Foundation or Donor Advised Fund?

For individuals and families that want their philanthropy to continue for generations or are concerned [...]

Wealth Management Colleague named to Forbes Next-Gen Wealth Advisors List for 2019

Clarfeld Chief Investment Office, Michael Hans was recently named to the list of Forbes Next-Gen [...]

Michael Han's Joins Discussions on "Bloomberg Markets: The Open"

Featured on Bloomberg Markets: The Open, Michael Hans discusses whether equities and bonds are diverging [...]

Financial Times Names Clarfeld Financial Advisors to 2019 Top RIA List

Clarfeld Financial Advisors has once again been named to the Financial Times 300 Top Registered [...]

Wall Street Muted as Rate Cut Bets Temper Trade Tensions

The New York Times recently featured Matthew Ruffalo CFA CFP, member of Clarfeld's Investment Policy [...]