Family Office Philosophy

Clarfeld family philosophy

We define our Family Office as the integration of four financial principles that support our client’s ability to: Grow, Protect, Administer and Transfer their wealth.

Wealthy individuals and families frequently face the challenge of navigating complex financial issues, often requiring advice from professionals. As one expects that quality professionals will competently provide the services requested, one must carefully ask the right questions and request the right services. Sometimes, especially when working with multiple professionals, there is a very real danger of important details “falling through the cracks”, frequently with a suboptimal outcome.

At Clarfeld, the premise of our Family Office platform is that the totality of our services must be greater than the sum of each stand-alone service.

As our clients’ Family Office, we recognize that beyond the expectation of creativity and competence sought within the delivery of professional services, there is great value gained (along with less chance of material omissions) from the integration and effective management of professional services.