Korey Kross, JD

  • Director of Personal Financial Management
  • Trust Tax Operations
Photo of Korey Kross


An attorney and a seasoned tax advisor, Korey has been providing sophisticated and comprehensive tax advice to high net worth clients, both domestically and internationally, for more than 18 years.

Prior to joining Clarfeld in 2006, Korey was a Senior Manager in KPMG's International Expatriate Services group. He developed expertise in international taxation issues, including expatriate tax equalization policy development, international remuneration planning, and non-U.S. reporting requirements.

Korey now manages a significant number of Clarfeld's senior clients who are either on temporary international assignments or have permanently relocated abroad. He also focuses on the firm's digital legacy and document management process, assisting clients in organizing personal and financial records to ensure that their legacy and current affairs carry over seamlessly to beneficiaries.