Portfolio Construction & Reporting

Portfolio Construction

Our unique approach to portfolio construction sets us apart in an industry populated with proprietary products and outdated brokerage models. We tailor investment portfolios through a core and satellite approach that provides our clients with inexpensive index exposure complemented by best-in-breed active management. Active investment managers are sourced through our open-architecture platform, where our Investment Policy Committee researches and thoroughly evaluates each firm and strategy.


Clarfeld offers some of the most innovative and modern performance reporting in the industry. The firm has made a considerable investment in its investment technology platform, offering clients an online portal for daily performance review across multiple custodians in a concise and interactive format.

Performance can be viewed in numerous configurations and aggregations including by account, asset class (and sub-classes), tax status, and custodian. The portal encompasses many interactive features including:

Portfolio Construction
  • Global Investment Reach
  • Liquid, Cost-Effective Investments
  • Full Transparency
  • Thematic Portfolio Tilts
  • Long Tenured, Proven Investment Managers
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Live, Daily Market Updates
  • Multiple Viewing Options
  • Access to Historical Portfolio Returns
  • Complete Customization
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